Floral Sensations

Floral Sensations.


Where memories are made: The Stellenbosch Days


Just like any girl leaving high school and moving onto university, I thought I knew everything and of course everyone; however I was very wrong. Day one in Academia in Stellenbosch I was met with so many new faces and the numerous crazy personalities that I would come to love over time. Coming from an all girls school, the most overpowering emotion was excitement; the excitement of being part of a co-ed private residence where boys were now an everyday occurrence.

Stellenbosch taught me so many weird and wonderful things. Firstly, it taught me to never miss out on an opportunity to get involved in the traditions of such a small university town. From gumboot dancing in “Vensters” to cheering on the trolley races, from lectures to lying on the Koelbaai beach; and lastly, from late night visits to the Terrace to the entertaining encounters with the local, toothless street dwellers. These are the memories that will never be forgotten.

During my three years in Stellenbosch I had to learn a lot about who I am as a person. I know that sounds cliché but it is true. After getting the necessary marks in matric, I decided to enrol as a BComm student in Management Science. This was a silly decision considering I was never a fan of Maths and had never done accounting before. After a few weeks of lectures, it became frighteningly clear that this degree was not for me.  After the first six months, I thought it was time to reassess where my life would be headed. I was never going to be the accountant sitting behind a desk so I decided to try a BA in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics.

Although it may have taken some time fumbling around trying to decide what I wanted to study, I finally found something that I was interested in rather than studying something because people told me it would look good on my CV.

I guess it’s true what they say, university days are a chance to mess up and make the mistakes that you need to learn from. It is where you will build life-long friendships based on silly moments that turn into the best memories.

Life should never be taken to seriously.

Life should never be taken to seriously.

Life should never be taken to seriously.

At the end of the day, people just want to be happy and to bring out the joy in others.


A little glimpse into who I am:


My name is Natasha Chance, otherwise known as Tash.

I’ve never really been interested in blogging but recently I thought i should give it a try as a way to put down my thoughts and send them off to the big wide world. I am now twenty-two years old and have been studying at a tertiary level for the past four years. I began my journey out of the comfort of home in Johannesburg to go to the naughty, fun-filled town of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. I can honestly say that the three years at Stellenbosch were three of my best years yet. I made friends that i will treasure forever and memories i will never forget.

I am  currently a student at the University of Cape Town in my final year studying the Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Marketing. I must admit, the move to Cape Town and a whole new university was a daunting thought for someone like me who had become used to knowing everyone in a small town like Stellenbosch. However, I took the move as something positive and saw it as a growing experience to meet new people and be  exposed to knew things. Through the last few months I have met very diverse groups of people and have enjoyed seeing a new side to life. The life of an adult, working towards the career I have always dreamed about and hopefully the career that would be able to reward me with the Range Rover I have always dreamed about.

Due to my current situation of moving from being a university student to hopefully a working woman in the corporate world, I have decided to document my transition and all the stress and emotions that come with it. Hopefully by writing down my thoughts and experiences I will be able to help other young women realize that they are not alone and that these times of uncertainty will only help shape us for what we hope to become.

I hope that anyone that happens to read this blog will find some humour and entertainment in my simple life.

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